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Muriel Surdez


Enseignant(e) Chercheur(e) PR

Université de Fribourg


Comportement politique
Politiques publiques
Sociologie politique


Projet "Collaboration and concurrence between professional-bureaucrats. The case of food safety reforms in Switzerland", financée par le Fonds national de la recherche scientifique.
The safety of animal products has become a crucial social, economic and political issue all across Europe since the 1990’s, following different food crisis. In Switzerland, authorities have adopted new laws which intend to unify cantonal practices and to introduce a stricter control of cattle and meat production/transformation. Administrative units in charge of animal health have been merged with those in charge of food safety and hygiene control with the result of bringing together state veterinarians and state chemical/food engineers. The members of these two professional groups are different on several points: types of training, professional knowledge, social background and legitimacy of state positions in comparison to the private sector.
Based on the framework of the sociology of professions, we investigate two lines of research: 1) identifying the socio-professional profiles of these actors and linking them with their positions toward the reform, 2) characterizing the balance of power between these types of professionals, in order to examine the extent to which state restructurings reshape professional practices and collaborations, and whether it raises new conflicts regarding which expertise and skills are relevant to ensure food safety.

Surdez, Muriel ; Zufferey, Eric ; Sainsaulieu, Ivan; Plomb, Fabrice ; Poglia Mileti, Francesca. 2016. L’enracinement professionnel des opinions politiques. Enquête auprès d’agriculteurs, d’ingénieurs et de directeurs de ressources humaines exerçant en Suisse. Zurich: Seismo.

Surdez, Muriel ; Sainsaulieu, Ivan ; Zufferey, Eric. 2016. « La sociabilité politique entre travail et hors travail. Enquête sur la socialisation politique d’agriculteurs, d’ingénieurs et de directeurs de ressources humaines exerçant en Suisse », in Buton, François ; Lehingue, Patrick ; Mariot Nicolas ; Rozier Sabine (eds.). L’ordinaire du politique. Enquêtes sur les rapports profanes au politique. Villeneuve d’Ascq: Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, 139-156.