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Benjamin BOUDOU

Enseignant(e) Chercheur(e) PR

Université de Rennes 1

Science politique

Histoire des idées politiques
Philosophie et théorie politique




Boudou, B. (2022). Representing Non-Citizens: A Proposal for the Inclusion of All Affected Interests, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, online first
Boudou, B. (2021). Migration and the critique of ‘state thought’: Abdelmalek Sayad as a political theorist, European Journal of Political Theory, online first
Boudou, B. (2021). Beyond the welcoming rhetoric: Hospitality as a principle of care for the displaced. Essays in Philosophy, 22(1)
Boudou, B., Leaman, H., Scholz, M. (2021). Sacred Welcomes: How Religious Reasons, Structures, and Interactions Shape Refugee Advocacy and Settlement. Migration and Society, 4(1)