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Ramona COMAN


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Université libre de Bruxelles

Science politique

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\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Conflicts of sovereignty in a European Union in crisis’ (SovEU)
Conflicts around sovereignty form the core of the scholarly and lay narratives on European integration. More integration at the EU level is associated with a transfer of sovereignty from nation states to supranational institutions. Resistance to ‘ever closer union’ is taken as evidence of a reassertion of national sovereignty. This project is premised upon the original hypothesis that the existential crisis faced by the EU over last decade cannot be reduced to a conflict between national sovereignty and supranational institutions but rather the result of conflicts at the national level between different conceptions of national sovereignty, specifically the struggle between popular and parliamentary visions of national sovereignty. This project will empirically test this hypothesis using three paradigmatic cases: constitutional reform in Poland regarding the rule of law, ratification of the EU Canada Comprehensive Trade Agreement (CETA) in Belgium and the UK’s decision to leave the EU (Brexit). The project will combine documentary research and process tracing with semi-structured elite interviews and a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the discourse over sovereignty articulated by the relevant parties.

Coman, R., “How have EU ‘fire-fighters’ sought to douse the flames of the eurozone’s fast- and slow-burning crises? The 2013 structural funds reform », The British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 2018, Vol. 20(3), 540-554 https://doi.org/10.1177%2F1369148118768188

Coman, R., “Why and how do think tanks expand their networks in times of crisis? The case of Bruegel and the Centre for European Policy Studies, 2018, Journal of European Public Policy, DOI: 10.1080/13501763.2017.1415953

Coman, R. “Values and power conflicts in framing borders and borderlands: the 2013 reform of EU Schengen governance”, Journal of Borderland Studies,
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